The diagnose_report() report the information for diagnosing the quality of the data.

diagnose_report(.data, output_format, output_file, output_dir, ...)

# S3 method for data.frame
  output_format = c("pdf", "html"),
  output_file = NULL,
  output_dir = tempdir(),
  font_family = NULL,
  browse = TRUE,



a data.frame or a tbl_df.


report output type. Choose either "pdf" and "html". "pdf" create pdf file by knitr::knit(). "html" create html file by rmarkdown::render().


name of generated file. default is NULL.


name of directory to generate report file. default is tempdir().


arguments to be passed to methods.


character. font family name for figure in pdf.


logical. choose whether to output the report results to the browser.


Generate generalized data diagnostic reports automatically. You can choose to output to pdf and html files. This is useful for diagnosing a data frame with a large number of variables than data with a small number of variables. For pdf output, Korean Gothic font must be installed in Korean operating system.

Reported information

Reported from the data diagnosis is as follows.

  • Diagnose Data

    • Overview of Diagnosis

      • List of all variables quality

      • Diagnosis of missing data

      • Diagnosis of unique data(Text and Category)

      • Diagnosis of unique data(Numerical)

    • Detailed data diagnosis

      • Diagnosis of categorical variables

      • Diagnosis of numerical variables

      • List of numerical diagnosis (zero)

      • List of numerical diagnosis (minus)

  • Diagnose Outliers

    • Overview of Diagnosis

      • Diagnosis of numerical variable outliers

      • Detailed outliers diagnosis

See vignette("diagonosis") for an introduction to these concepts.


# \donttest{ if (FALSE) { # reporting the diagnosis information ------------------------- # create pdf file. file name is DataDiagnosis_Report.pdf diagnose_report(heartfailure) # create pdf file. file name is Diagn.pdf diagnose_report(heartfailure, output_file = "Diagn.pdf") # create pdf file. file name is ./Diagn.pdf and not browse diagnose_report(heartfailure, output_dir = ".", output_file = "Diagn.pdf", browse = FALSE) # create html file. file name is Diagnosis_Report.html diagnose_report(heartfailure, output_format = "html") # create html file. file name is Diagn.html diagnose_report(heartfailure, output_format = "html", output_file = "Diagn.html") } # }