Find the numerical variable that contains outliers in the object that inherits the data.frame or data.frame.

find_outliers(.data, index = TRUE, rate = FALSE)



a data.frame or a tbl_df.


logical. When representing the information of a variable including outliers, specify whether or not the variable is represented by an index. Returns an index if TRUE or a variable names if FALSE.


logical. If TRUE, returns the percentage of outliers in the individual variable.


Information on variables including outliers.

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if (FALSE) { find_outliers(heartfailure) find_outliers(heartfailure, index = FALSE) find_outliers(heartfailure, rate = TRUE) ## using dplyr ------------------------------------- library(dplyr) # Perform simple data quality diagnosis of variables with outliers. heartfailure %>% select(find_outliers(.)) %>% diagnose() }